Converting Café Style Plantation Shutters

Converting Café Style Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters Katy has become hugely popular over the last few years. Converting café style plantation shutters can be easier than you think too. The process involved adding a top tier to the existing shutters which can add something extra to your home. It’s also an incredibly easy way to enhance the home without making a major overhaul.

So, how can you convert your shutters and why do people choose plantation shutters over blinds?

The Simple Way to Convert Your Shutters

If you want to convert café style plantation shutters, you need to add a top tier to your existing shutters. It’s possible to do as long as the current shutters are in good condition and the window shape allows for a top tier. So, you simply need to add a new panel of slats above the current ones. It allows for easy conversion and gives you more control over light and privacy. Plantation Shutters Katy can look fantastic and be cost-effective.

The Visual Statement

Plantation Shutters Katy is gorgeous and offer a decorative feel. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t sure about full-height shutters. Some think they won’t like full-height and opt for half-height shutters before they make that conversion. It can be a great idea, of course as they give privacy and allow for natural light to enter the room. Click here to read more about What to Consider When Designing Custom Shutters.

Full Coverage Delivers Better Light Control

Café-style shutters may work during the height of autumn and winter but can prove tricky, especially during summer. When you have the top part of the window exposed, it leaves you with issues over early sunrises. It isn’t ideal and can prove to be extremely frustrating. That’s why more people look to full-height plantation shutters Katy.

You have better light control. It means you have the final say over how much light comes into a room at any given time. You can get maximum light in the kitchen but reduce it in the lounge or living room areas. It’s the best way to control the light in your home.

Privacy Beyond Compare

No one likes to be on display. When you are home, you want to feel safe and comfortable walking around. Regardless of the room you’re in, you want to be in control of your privacy. Full-height plantation shutters Katy gives you that.

You choose everything about the shutters. For instance, you are happy to keep the top tier open while the bottom one’s closed. It isn’t just important for adults but children too. Getting back that control is so important because it lets you feel safer in your home. You can also read about How much does a basic kitchen renovation cost in Australia by clicking visiting

Make the Move and Convert your Plantation Shutters Katy

A one-tier café style plantation shutter may look nice but leaves the top part of your windows exposed. You don’t have full control over light or how much privacy you have which can prove problematic. Fortunately, a quick conversion can be the solution. You just need to add a new panel of slats (a second tier) to your existing shutters. It’s the easiest way to make the move without spending a fortune in the process. Plantation shutters Katy is cost-effective and appealing.